About us


Founded in

Solid Real Advisors provides professional commercial real estate services and boasts an impressive customer base including well-known international brands (IKEA, Vastint, Rimi, KFC, Second Cup) and major local market players (Hanner, Eika, Veikmė, MG Baltic, Alna, Biotechpharma, Čili).

Our specialized expertise

Our teams specialize in various real estate sectors, strive to gain an in-depth understanding of the market and constantly expand our specialized know-how. Being familiar with the market nuances and seeing the big picture is crucial in ensuring high quality services for our customers. 

Our offered comprehensive services

We offer a full range of services required during your asset life-cycle: from comprehensive market research, various consultations, concept development to intermediary services related to all types of real estate and client asset management.

Maximum client needs

We adhere to high professional, ethical and moral standards in representing our clients’ interests. Our services are based on a customer-focused approach: we identify our customers’ problems, provide alternative solutions and find the most efficient ways to implement the required changes.